Friday, July 07, 2006

I Have a Small Mouth!

Today it was confirmed.


Anyone that knows me will probably refute this claim,
but I actually had two people tell me to my face that
my mouth was indeed small. Ok...these two people
happened to be a dental assistant and a dentist,
so they weren't just random people that stopped me
on the street. We finished our vast array of annual
medical and dental prodding this morning so that we
can go down to the Ice in a couple of months. I hadn't
been to this dentist before, but the dentist and everyone
in the office were definitely top notch. Really
friendly and very thorough. They even took measurements
of what percentage of overbite I have, and how large my
mouth measured in millimeters. I did get my jaw stretched
out a bit though when getting those darn bite-wing x-rays
taken of my teeth. Either the bite-wings have gotten
bigger or my mouth is getting smaller. I'm sure it's
a case of my mouth getting smaller...Ha!


Lynnsie said...

You? Small mouth? HA! That'll be the day. But we all love you dearly, no matter. Bobsyeruncle, Goodasgold.

Anonymous said...

This fascinates me. Back in my youth, my friends and I would compare retainers and other orthodontic equipment to compare mouth sizes. It always came out that my mouth was the largest. I would love to know for sure. The only measurement I have is that I can fit 3 handfulls of Fruit Loops in my mouth without chewing....
BTW, the real reason I wrote was to say it will be so fun spending a season on the ice with you guys (assuming I actually get down there)!!!!!!