Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Mesa County Fair

This morning we went to the Mesa County Fair.
It was the perfect time to go because it wasn't too
hot yet and there were very few people in attendance.
The fair is pretty similar to most county fairs around
the country, but since much of Mesa County is still
pretty rural once you get outside of Grand Junction,
there was a lot of livestock being shown, including
sheep, cows, pigs, chickens and rabbits. My
previous experiences with county fairs in Colorado
(Boulder and Laramie County) was pretty unfulfilling,
as there were hardly any animals and it seemed like
they were having a fair just because they had to.
We saw lots of 4H projects and they also open up
a division for adults who aren't part of 4H so that
they can participate as well. The grounds were very
clean and dry and you couldn't tell that there was a
downpour the night before. The midway and
vending folks were polite and I didn't see any trash
on the ground. All of this for free admission and
only a $1.00 charge for parking. Overall, we had
a great time and it will be fun to go back next year.

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