Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Road by Any Other Name...

photo by Christopher Tomlinson

A brand new bridge over the Colorado River opened today, with
one of Orchard Mesa's oldest citizens given the honor of being
the first to cross. It even opened 100 days earlier than scheduled.
It's name ... The 29 Road Bridge. Hmm...not very original. But then
again, it's on 29 Road. Mesa County seems to have a problem
with creativity when it comes to naming it's major thoroughfares.
29 Road, 24 1/2 Road, G Road, D 1/4 Road. It does make it easy
to find your way around the valley however, as each of these roads
are a mile apart, numbered roads going north/south and lettered
roads going east/west. For the record, I'm waiting for 33 1/3 Road
to open (pun intended). The one road I do wish they would change
to something simpler is "Delicious Drive". I am really glad I don't
live on that street because I have a heck of a time saying it. It's
much easier to say "29 Road".

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