Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Zero Acres and a Mustang

In the old old days, you used to be able to get 40 acres and
a mule if you were willing to settle a particular piece of
land. Usually land no one else wanted. Of course, the days
of free land are long gone and many people don't even know
what a mule is, let alone how to get one for free. However,
the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is offering to sell wild
mustangs for an adoption fee of $120. They are descended from
the Spanish mustangs and the Civil War horses that were let
loose in the wild in Nevada in the late 1800's. Potential
adoptive owners have to undergo a background check, and the
facilities to house the horses are inspected prior to approval.
If you're interested, call (719) 221-9077 to schedule a showing.
Ask for Carol Martin. She leads a nonprofit group that helps
find suitable homes for wild horses not handled by the Bureau
of Land Management. These particular horses were rounded up
on the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge in northwestern Nevada.

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