Saturday, August 26, 2006

Crazy is as Crazy Does

* Sometimes the top of my head feels tender
* Occasionally my spirit leaves my body
* I'd rather be a florist than an architect
* I enjoy fixing door latches

These are actual true/false questions on the Psych Test
that Raytheon makes you take if you want to Winter
in Antarctica. Also included are several questions
regarding your desire to kill your mother/father and
how much you love your mother/father. I'm not sure
who invented these questions, but even though this
is the sixth time I've taken the test, it never fails to
amaze me.

I had to make the long trek to Denver this weekend
to sharpen my number 2 pencil and scratch my head
while figuring out these answers (and no, the top of
my head doesn't feel tender...although I had enough
coffee while taking the test that I felt like something
was floating...and it wasn't my spirit).

The question that always confounds me though:

I am afraid of fire (T/F)

This is perplexing to me. I'm not afraid of fire. I have
a healthy respect for fire and to be honest it fascinates
me some. I've been called a firebug, but that's usually
when it comes to burning leaves in the garden. However,
I don't know how to answer this question. I'm not afraid
of it, but if I answer that way, does it make me sound
like a Pyromaniac?

I'm pretty confident I passed the test. The woman who
conducts the interview section told me so. Another
Pscyh Test behind me. As my Dad says, I take the Psych
Test to prove I'm crazy enough to work in Antarctica!


Anonymous said...

My daughter is afraid of fire. She's 24 years old, and her most significant accomplishment last summer was learning how to strike a match.

What I don't understand is why you have to take the test every time you go. Do they want to see if you're crazier than you were the last time? It seems as though if you have the test once, that should be it for life. Strange.

Unknown said...

Hi Jude,

You would think that wouldn't you? However, I guess
they feel that if you've gone through some changes in the past year that could be stressful (Like wintering in Antarctica..LOL) you might have a different mindset.
Hard to tell. Congrats on your daughter making that big step. I have a HUGE fear of spiders...that and Disney Cruises! YIKES. My worst fear would be being surrounded by spiders on a Disney Cruise...EEK!

Anonymous said...

A Disney cruise would frighten me too, but I like spiders. I'm part of the Colorado Spider Survey, and in June the Cub Scouts on my nature walk collected 115 spiders. I confess that it is unpleasant for me to have 115 spiders in my freezer, but after they're off to the museum they're okay.

I would never be psychologically capable of overwintering in Antarctica, but I've been fanatically interested in it since I was in 7th grade; for Thanksgiving that year I made placename markers in the shape of the map of Antarctica. Therefore, I'm jealous. Must be time to dig out my DVDs of "The Last Place on Earth."