Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dog From Space!

I knew there was a reason I walked to the library
today instead of driving. While walking back, a
dog, very similar to the dog in this picture, was
barking up a storm at me...of course this "brave"
dog was behind a window and had a protective
collar on just like this one. He couldn't have bit
me...or even himself...even if he tried.

Anyone who has seen the movie, "One Crazy Summer",
starring John Cusack (picture a lower brow version
of "Better Off Dead" or "The Sure Thing"...if that's
possible) and you'll remember the Dog From Space!
Dog From Space...Dog From Space...the poor dog
wore this stupid collar during the whole movie and
you couldn't help feeling sorry for him...for wearing
the collar, not being in the movie. They say that
smell is one of the greatest memory refreshers...
Today it was the visual Dog From Space that made
me laugh.

On a side note, speaking of "The Sure Thing", we
met someone this week that reminded me of
Daphne Zuniga...whatever happened to her???
This woman was from Chicago...Just like John
Cusack...Conincidence???? Probably not.

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