Thursday, August 17, 2006

Leaving on a Jet Plane

The last couple of days have been pretty busy. Lynn
and I, along with our friend Eileen, drove to Denver
International Airport from the Raytheon office where
they caught their plane to LAX. They, along with over
100 other people left for the Ice and are schedule to
arrive on August 20th, after stops in Auckland and
Christchurch. Haven't heard any weather from down
south, but hopefully Lynn will get a couple of extra
days in Christchurch.

Lynn and I also signed our winterover contracts for
this year. Lynn will be doing the same job that she's
doing this summer and I will be spending my first
winter out of the Supply Department as
a materialsperson. I think we'll have a good time in
both of our jobs.

Also, for her last American dinner in some time, Lynn
and I went to our favorite Sushi Restaurant (yes I know,
that's not American) It's John Holly's Asian Bistro,
near Park Meadows. They also have great Udon
noodles. The service is always top notch and we've
never had a bad meal there.

As I type this, Lynn is flying over the Pacific, probably
bored to death after watching several bad movies and
is getting ready to sleep. Only 8 more hours of
flying until she gets to Auckland


Anonymous said...

Well, she might get a couple of days. We have had some winds the last couple days which is supposedly the front edge of a front (or something like that). Sunday could be rough. I'll keep my fingers crossed for her.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say on my previous comment congradulations on joining the ranks of the supply department. It seems like just yesterday when I was working for you as a janitor and training to work in supply. I'm happy to be working with you again.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the nice words Ben...that means a lot to me. I think it will be a fun winter. Lynn and I were both really happy yesterday when Eileen told us you were going to be back. I think I'm going to be in your old training grounds of 121. Thanks for the news on the weather. Lynn knows it's just prolonging the inevitible, but it's always good to have a couple of extra days to hang out in Chch.

Lynnsie said...

Well guys, it's the first flight of Winfly...not much chance of a delay but I'm happy that Ben is crossing his fingers for me. I like your daily pix of GJ, Tom...keep 'em coming. I'm homesick already, but Christchurch is the next best thing. I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning..."muster" at 4:00AM...ack! I'm all ready and still sweaty from trying on ECW...what a zoo...definitely not like the leisurely winterover crowd. Many more people but we're all just one big family and we are happy, smiling, tan and we come baring FRESHIES and current MAGAZINES. Wahoo! See you at McMurdo. XXXOOO