Sunday, August 20, 2006

God Visits Glade Park

Found this interesting story in today's newspaper:

The Daily Sentinel

Nathaniel Boggs, who claimed to be God, was taken into
custody about 9 p.m. Friday after he was spotted running
naked in a field in the 15,000 block of DS Road.
Boggs, 26, of Grand Junction told deputies and the men
who reported him to the authorities that he was God,
according to Sgt. Todd Rowell.
Rowell said after the neighbor who reported the man
running in the field contacted deputies and said he did
not want to press charges, Boggs was taken to Grand
Junction and released.
Jonathon Schmalz, who lives adjacent to the field where
Boggs was found, said his wife called him during the
evening said his neighbors had seen a crazy guy near
his home.
Schmalz said he and his neighbor ventured out in the
field where they found a man traipsing about, singing
and saying he “loved everybody.”
“Oh, we found the guy,” Schmalz said. “He was as naked
as a jaybird.”
Schmalz said Boggs was “praying to Jesus” and calling
himself God. He said Boggs seemed “wacked out on drugs.”
“So we told him to lay down and called the cops,” Schmalz
said. “I guess he came over from the movies. He was just
mumbling this and that.”
Schmalz said the deputies from the Mesa County Sheriff’s
Department then took Boggs away.
“I got kids in the house,” Schmalz said. “If he would have
showed up on my doorstep, things would have gotten
ugly then.”

Moral to the story:
If you see a naked person running might be God!


Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for your comment in my blog, and for linking me. I'm flattered to have made the cut.

I am so looking forward to being on Ice this year as Fuelie. I will be certain to remain a goodly distance from any cigarette-wielding smokers. =)


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a story I read in the Glenwood Avalanche from the late 1800s. A chemist heard someone rummaging in his basement, and when he confronted the intruder, the young man told him that he was looking for something to use to kill himself. The chemist told him, "Well, you're not going to find it here!" and chased him out of the store.

Later, a policeman noticed the young man wandering erratically down Grand Avenue and asked him what was up. The young man responded that he was heading down to the Colorado River to drown himself.

The article concluded by saying that no one had seen the young man since.

Since suicide intervention hadn't been invented, it didn't occur to anyone to detain the young man to see what was up with him.

Reading this article, I wonder what happened? Why did they release him? Did they decide that he really was God? This article is short on details.

Anonymous said...

Jon Schmaltz taught at the same elementary school as my dad. They use to have classrooms right next to each other. I can just see that sort of thing happening to him. Oh, by the way, this is the real Grand Junction.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh.. Let's pull this 'ol war horse from the grave.... What a crock of SHIT! This guy is a con artist to the max! Thinks he can go on a "crazy" drug binge and yell the lord words! Yep the Postal service puts up with it.. Do you REALLY want this guy carring yours', your mothers', your sisters' mail???? Well he is.... Claiming he had a religous experience.. and getting away with it!.... You buy it ???? MY ASS..... Still on at the Grand Junction post office and still pulling his shit! This might be a funny story to some of you but it's a daily pain in my ass. The saga of Boggs in Grand junction continues HERE!!!! What makes the P.O. think he's safe enough to keep...

Where's your mail comming from???? Think about it!!!!