Monday, August 21, 2006

School Daze

Today was a big day in Grand Junction. The first day of
classes for School District 51 and Mesa State College.
Streets were busy, parking lots were full, practice fields
were full of football, tennis, baseball, cross country and
marching bands, all gearing up for the upcoming school
year. Even the bus stops were busier as all of the Mesa
State students were catching the bus for far-reaching
destinations across the valley.

Nowhere did I feel the school year's beginning more
than at a certain big box store. I hesitate to mention
it's name since some of my more left leaning friends
(Ben) might be bothered by my visit to such an evil
place. But job, not a lot of money...
sacrifices must be made. Anyway, I had to go to this
certain big box store last Friday and then again today.
What a difference! Last week it was reminiscent of
hanging out on a Disney Cruise (by the way, my worst
nightmare) and the sugar barge just made a delivery.
Running and screaming kids everywhere...parents, looking
tired with that "God will this summer ever end" look on
their face, and the noise factor similar to an F-16 making
a strafing run on the local Taliban cave.
Today...what a difference a day makes...72 little hours.
The whole store was a picture of serenity. I felt like
Buddhist monks would be wearing little blue smocks
and that green tea would be served on the Lido Deck.
The entire place had a "Girl From Ipanema" on musack
feeling, if you know what I mean. No screaming children,
no harried parents...just kindly people holding the door
with a gracious smile, clerks ready to help you with your
every need, a Vanilla Sky feeling if you will.
Welcome back to school kids...(insert evil laugh here)


Anonymous said...

If the clerks at Barnes & Noble were friendly, they probably were new and haven't been reprogrammed yet or they were just plain dumb which is much more likely.

Unknown said...

ah...wrong big box store sir...think the way...I love Borders...not so much Barnes and