Thursday, August 10, 2006

Just Peachy

Today, Lynn's friend, Judey brought us some peaches that
were grown on their land in Clifton. This area is famous
for it's peaches and ships them all over the country.
Georgia may be more famous for its peaches and I
remember going to pick peaches (or at least buy them...
kinda fuzzy...I was 5) in Michigan, but Western Slope
peaches really are the best I've ever had. The Peach
festival is in Palisade next weekend and I plan on going.
The admission is only $3.00. Apparently the price of
peaches is cheaper than the price of corn, where the
festival admission was $18.00...but I digress. Sorry
I can't write more...I have to go back to eating my


Anonymous said...

My parents have a peach tree in their back yard and I always get a peach pie for my birthday instead of a cake. I love the Peach festival. You'll have a great time.

Unknown said...

Ben...we were having breakfast at Lois' the other
morning and Diane (Dustin's mom) waited on us.
She said she was enjoying your old car and even
though she took off most of the stickers, she left
the Antarctic sticker on the car.

Anonymous said...

Wow...small world. I can't believe she took off the other stickers although you have to be pretty courageous to have bumber stickers in Grand Junction that say things like "George W. Bush embarrasses me" and "America: Gun Supplier to the World." Oh well, at least she is still calling it by its name: Venus.