Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mountains of Money

It was announced today that Vail Resorts, one of the nation's
largest ski companies, and headquartered in Colorado, will be
buying 100% of it's energy from renewable wind power.
Usually, I would consider this a good thing, but the cynical
"class warrior" side of me sees the darker side of the equation.
In an article I read today, it was announced that Vail (along with
Aspen) has the highest one day lift ticket price in the country,
hovering just above $82 per day. I don't ski. Even if I had a
desire to, I couldn't afford it. However, some friends of mine
do, and I know they can't afford that price. So why are they
charging so much? To pay for public relations projects like
buying all of their power through wind energy, which costs
more per kilowatt to the consumer, but most people are willing
to pay a little more to help the environment. Instead of eating
the extra cost though, companies like Vail Resorts are doing
the customer a big favor and passing the buck. Vail Resorts
looks good in print and in the media, and the wealthy skiers
could care less about everyone else. Thanks guys!

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Jude said...

In the earliest days of Vail, they had a sign as you drove by (on a two-lane highway) that said, "Vail. Founded in 1962." My parents told me that the Vail Valley was one of the most beautiful valleys in Colorado before Vail was built. When I attempt to find a parking space or navigate within that town, I remember the valley I never saw.