Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Our House In New Zealand

Ok...we don't have a house in New Zealand.
But if we did. This would be it.

However, there are several things preventing it from
being our house:

1) It's not for sale
2) Since it's on the beach, it's probably way too expensive
3) We're making payments on one house already

Lynn and I have been driving past this house in the
South Brighton area for several years now and have
said, "This is it". Coincidentally an Ice friend of ours
lives nearby this house. She was out for a walk the
other day, when she put two and two together and
snapped a photo of it. All she had to go by was that
we liked a brown house on this particular street.
So someday, if you take a time machine to come
visit us in Christchurch, this is where we live.


Lori Murray said...

You just need to form a co-op to buy it and share it with a few other people. Preferably people who are on the ice when you're not :-)

Unknown said...

That's a really good idea...interested?