Thursday, August 31, 2006

"The Scream" is Recovered!

One of my favorite paintings, "The Scream" by
Edvard Munch was recovered today, just over two
years after being stolen from the Munch Museum in
Oslo, Norway. I was relieved because just a few
months ago I had heard that authorities hypothesized
that it had been destroyed. I haven't seen it in
person, but on one of our future trips, we hoped to
view it.

"The Scream" has been copied by many around the
world including our friend Roren, who made a
Antarctic version of it several years ago and
I think it's still floating somewhere around

It even appeared in a Simpsons episode. Just
about everything else concerning pop culture
has appeared on the Simpsons so I guess "The
Scream" should be no different.

One of the oddest comparisons was that to the
Howard Dean "scream" during the 2004 presidential
campaign. Not sure which is more sureal...Munch's
version or Dean himself.

Regardless of your feelings about "The Scream",
It's a major work of art that is now back home.
I just hope that the Munch Museum is going to
do abetter job of keeping an eye on it.

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Anonymous said...

The Antarctic Scream is safely displayed on Jaybird's dorm door.