Monday, August 14, 2006

Things To Do In Denver...

While Lynn was at her Supervisor's training today at the
Raytheon offices in Centennial, I had the rest of the day to
hang out around Denver and visit some of the places
I'd been wanting to go to for a while.

The Apple Store is on Santa Fe Blvd, just north of C-470.
I wasn't especially impressed by the computer knowledge
of a couple of the clerks there, but we've been to this store
before and everyone is friendly and helpful. No cool gadgets
that I hadn't seen before, but it's always fun to go in and look

Afterward I drove into the city and went to my favorite map
store in Denver...Mapsco. Other than the employees, I was
the only one in the store (slow day for maps I guess...or all
the other nerds besides me were doing something else).
Other than "Wide World of Maps" in Phoenix, I think this is
the best map store in the west. It doesn't have a huge travel
book section, which is ok, but they more than make up for
that with their good selection. Especially their Colordo maps
of National Forests and parklands.

So far, the only real disappointment of the trip has been
our hotel stay. We're staying at the Sheraton Hotel Denver
Tech Center. We don't get a choice since the company makes
hotel reservations for you. (plus they pay for it, so I guess I
should just keep quiet..duh) The hotel is clean, people are
friendly, etc. However, it seems that everything is ala carte.
If you want breakfast, you pay for it. If you want a newspaper
in the morning, you pay for it. If you want internet access,
you pay for it. That's fine if you're at home, but this is a
hotel and most hotels that we've stayed at, especially for
work purposes, these items have been complimentary.

The nicest part of the trip so far is seeing a lot of good
friends and old faces from seasons past. With even more
people coming into town tomorrow for a large orientation
meeting, I'm sure we will see even more friends.


Anonymous said...

Ah, Mapsco. I used to drive by it everyday on my way to work (8th and Lincoln I believe). While at the bookstore, if anyone came in for a map that we didn't have, I would refer them to Mapsco and simply say, "They are your absolute best bet for a map." They would suggest Tattered Cover and I would just grin and say, "Mapsco." Say hi to all the folks for me. Oh and the letters that I have to type in for word verification are oprahaa. Does "The Oprah" have a drinking problem?

Michelle said...

Hi Tom!

Is the Sheraton the hotel not far from Coors Field? I stayed in one but cannot remember the name, the boss paid for it.



Unknown said...

Hi Michelle,

No, this is the one just south of the Tech Center.
I once stayed at the Red Lion by Mile High. Remember the tube shaped hotel with the restaurant on top that rotates...not sure if it's still there or not.


Unknown said...

Hey Ben,

Did you know that they closed the Tattered Cover at Cherry Creek and opened one up on Capitol Hill on Colfax? I haven't been there, but I have been to the new one in Highlands Ranch. It's pretty vanilla...


Anonymous said...

I had heard that. Cherry Creek was going to raise their rent or tax or something and Tattered Cover just up and left. I live in Capitol Hill when I live in Denver so that is super cool for me.