Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Wiz in the Kitchen

Since she's leaving tomorrow for the Ice, Lynn's been in
a baking and cooking frenzy. Today she made a great
big yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Over the past
few days, three loaves of homemade bread, bean soup,
green chile, spaghetti, pork chops with fresh broccoli
..and it goes on and on. Our freezer is packed to the top.
Now I'm a pretty capable cook, but she wanted me to have
lots of good things to eat over the next three weeks, when
I start my long trek...firt to Oklahoma, then Indiana and
then the Ice. I also think she wanted to get some cooking
in since it will be the last time for at least six months.
That Lynn...she's pretty darn nice.


dani said...

wowowowowow...its that time again for you travels with all of the new glad i got in the air when i did...tom...have fun being a bachelor...and be sure you two keep in touch...and think about stopping by...romania so far is great...seems a lot easier than ecuador was...but i have only been here a bit more than a we'll see what happens over the next month...miss you both and travels to the ice...miss ya...dani

Anonymous said...

We're all waiting for Lynn down here!!! You know how much I look forward to all of the summer folks coming in, but I really am looking forward to seeing Lynn.

Anonymous said...

Just what will you do without Lynn? That chocolate cake looks both sinful and heavenly. Before Lynn leaves, make her bake you as much cake as she can and freeze them minus the icing. They'll last till she gets back.