Sunday, September 17, 2006


Another sign that the past is behind us and
the future is upon us. No, jetpacks haven't
become the latest fashion item and we aren't
eating our food in pill form.

Drumroll Please..........

My parents have decided to buy a Digital Camera.
All those years of pointing and shooting, going
to the drugstore to pick up the photos, burying
them in the sewing room (where all old photos go
to die) is about to end. No more faded photos of
long gone wedding guests that slightly resembled
Grandpa from the Munsters (and that was the women).
All of my parent's photos will now be digital.

We made the trek to Best Buy and started the hunt.
The hunt for the perfect camera. It had to meet
the following criteria.

* Above all be easy to use. If it's not simple,
my parents won't use it.
* Economical. Do they really need a $1000 camera?
* Takes good photos (self explanatory)
* Easy to use. Yes, I said that already.

So we look...Fuji, Olympus, Cannon, Fuji, Olympus,
Cannon. So many choices, and actually lots of time.
They're retired after all. Cannon? Out. Tip to
Best Buy. Put a memory card in the display models
so people can look at the photo they've just taken.
Down to two. Fuji...Olympus. Which one. My niece
just got a Fuji. Points there. My parents love the
quality of the pix my Olympus takes. Points there.
Megapixel smegapixel. Does it really matter? My
parents grew up with Kodak Brownies. Megapixels is
just another confusing uber-term that doesn't matter
to 99% of the photo clicking populace.

The winner is....tah dah....

The Olympus FE190

I'm happy with their decision (I'm the consultant after
all). They are happy with their decision. Balloons
drop from the ceiling, confetti is everywhere, bells
and whistles cheer their decision.

Salesperson: I hope that's not the one you want..we're out
of that model.

Loudspeakers in the store: Mozart's Requiem begins playing

Salesperson: We're getting 2 in tomorrow and Valpo has 3.

More confetti and balloons fall. Women and children weep
for joy. All is well in the world. My parents are getting
a digital camera. And best of all...they feel good about
their decision.

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Anonymous said...

My mother, who will be 77 in a couple of weeks, has had a digital camera for about 5 years and absolutely loves it. I'm sure they'll love theirs too.