Saturday, September 16, 2006

Back Home Again...

In Indiana. I finished up the last long
section of my road trip this evening and
I'm at my Mom and Dad's house for the next
two weeks, until I leave for the Ice on the
29th. It was a long day and I wouldn't call
most of central Missouri and absolutely none
of southern Illinois blogworthy. At least
not the parts I saw today. However I did
go to the Apple Store in St. Louis and got
an adapter for my MacBook that will allow me
to play movies, slideshows, etc. on a tv.
That part of today's trip was a plus.
I also saw the re-emergence of "expensive"
gasoline. After seeing a trip-low price of
$2.07 in Missouri, it leaped up to $2.49 in
Illinois and I found a "bargain" in Indiana at
$2.31. I'm not sure where Illinois spends
all of their gas taxes. They had the worst
roads of any of the eight states I visited on
this trip. Probably lining the pockets of
some politician I'm sure. (oops...did I say
that in my out loud voice?) Anyway, it's good
to be back home visiting. It should be a nice
restful couple of weeks, visiting family and
just hanging out.

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