Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Day in Santa Fe

Today I made the short drive of about 3
hours from Farmington to Santa Fe.
Since Santa Fe isn't much of a tourist
attraction to us any more since we lived
here for three months, I spent most of my
time doing some last minute shopping for
essentials to send down to the Ice. It
is nice to see the blue New Mexico sky
however, even though it was broken up a
bit by rain clouds mid-day.

Tonight I'm staying at the El Rey Inn.
It's a cool little place that Lynn and I
stay at when we're visiting Santa Fe.
It's run and feels kind of like a small
resort and unlike most places here, it's
really reasonable. It was built back in
the days of motor court hotels and still
has that old-time feeling to it.

Tomorrow I'm planning on going to breakfast
at one of our favorite places in Santa Fe.
Tecolote Cafe, which means "Owl" in Spanish.
It's one of those places that locals go to
and even has a large "community" table. I
think it's the best place in town for Sunday
breakfast, especially their Carne Adovada.
It'll also give me a chance to practice
my Spanglish since most of the staff is
Hispanic. And it isn't filled with people
from either coast (wink wink...had to get
that in). After breakfast tomorrow, it's
off to Oklahoma to stay a few days with my
sister, Nancy and her family. A long, not
too exciting day ahead

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