Sunday, September 10, 2006


Got on the highway this morning after
having an excellent Carne Adovado burrito
at Tecolote Cafe. The hostess asked me
if I wanted to sit at the Community Table.
Sure, I said and I felt important..ha ha.
A pretty uneventful seven hour drive to
my sister's house in Altus, Oklahoma.
Finally...Finally...the gas prices are
getting more reasonable. I thought I was
getting a good deal in Amarillo when I
paid $2.49 per gallon. Closer to Altus
though, I saw gas at $2.39 in the tiny
town of Blair. Cha Ching! It's nice to
fill up the tank for under 60 bucks again.
At the same gas station I found two funny
things. They had a sign advertising
20 ounce Dr. Peppers for $88.00...not
88 cents on a big sign by the highway.
That better be pretty good Dr. Pepper.
Also I had to get a key from the counter
to use the restroom. Nothing wrong with
that, but why are locked restrooms always
more dirty than the ones that just anyone
can use. That was certainly the case here.
So for the next few days I'll be here in
Altus "enjoying" the humidity and having a
nice visit.

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