Sunday, September 24, 2006

Don't Buy Citgo

I try to stay out of politics as much as I can,
but this is something I feel strongly about.
It sounds silly, but don't buy your gas at Citgo.
You're asking...huh? Why? Because Citgo is
owned by Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. In other
words, it's owned by Hugo Chavez. Hard to not
know who Chavez is these days. He's the one who
called the President the devil in front of the U.N.
There's lots of people that feel that. Even friends
of mine. But hey buddy, you're the leader of a country.
Try to show some class, ok. In my opinion, Chavez
is a nutcase. Now this really does ride on both
sides of the political fence here. This man
supports the downfall and the overthrowing of
the U.S. government. He doesn't really care who
is in charge. At the moment, it's George Bush, but
for all he cares it could be anybody, Democrat or
Republican, as long as he can undermine our country.
For more proof, read this article from USA Today.
Don't just take my word for it. This man will
cause us trouble in the future, no matter who wins
the presidential election in 2008. So don't do him
any favors by giving him lots of money to do it.

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