Monday, September 25, 2006

Indiana Dunes

Today I went to Indiana Dunes State Park.
There is also a Indiana Dunes National
Lakeshore, but since I didn't have all
day to spend at the dunes, the State Park
gives a nice overview in a small space.
The dunes are an oasis of nature in the
middle of the industrial south end of Lake
Michigan. It's a really beautiful area and
I never tire of going there. If you've
never seen any of the Great Lakes, you have
no idea just how huge they are. The Great
Lakes run neck and neck with the Southwest for
me as my favorite part of the U.S. When I first
moved to Colorado, Lynn took me to Grand Lake,
which is the largest natural lake in the state.
I said...this isn't a lake...then I took her to
see Lake Michigan...this is a lake. Kind of
like that Crocodile Dundee scene with the knife.
The Indiana Dunes were formed at the end of the
last ice age and are still growing today. They're
actually a constantly moving landform that flows
with the elements. Today was a perfect day. Not
a lot of people, but enough to make it interesting
to watch them stroll, sit in the sun, play with
their kids, etc. The weather was also ideal.
About 65 degrees, sunny, few clouds. It was a
great day at the beach.

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