Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Power to Recreate

Today in my morning paper, I received a survey. Not
just any survey...a survey wanting to know how I felt
about the building of a new Recreation Center here in
Mesa County. This is importatnt because it's the first
chance I've really had to participate in something
governmental in Grand Junction that's importatnt to
me. Yes, there's been an election or two and that
is important, but not on a personal least
to me.

Ok...a Recreation Center being built or not built is
not the end of the world. But I see it as a way the
citizens of Mesa County can redeem themselves. The
citizens don't need to redeem themselves you say.
Hold up...I have to disagree. Twice...not once, but
twice, the citizens of this county had the opportunity,
no...let me rephrase that...THE DUTY to approve a new
Central Library. Twice, they voted it down. Now we're
forced to live with a remodeled library in a former
supermarket. The folks at the library do a good job
with what they're given...but it could be so much more.

Anyway, back to the Rec Center. Many options were given
on the survey, including where it should be located,
what it should include, etc. I think what's missing
though is the bigger picture. Should the residents of
Mesa County be given the opportunity to vote on such
a project. I'm as huge a proponent of democracy that
can be found, but the folks here in Mesa County have
proven they can't always vote responsibly.
This is one case where an autocracy could come in handy.

Therefore, I am announcing my desire to become "King of
Mesa County". I will rule benevolently and step down
as soon as I announce a Recreation Center will be built.
I will gladly step down as soon as the first shovel-full
of dirt is turned. Oh...and as presidents give out pardons
upon leaving office...I will pardon the voters of Mesa
County and announce that a new Library will be built as
well. It's good to be king.

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Anonymous said...

You can have Mesa County. Does it surprise you that they voted down a library, when many of them are too dumb to read? "I don't know about no library, but I think I saw something about a tax. NO TAXES!!!"