Friday, September 01, 2006

Germs Are Our Friends

From the department of Now I've Seen Everything...

The City of Chicago has launched a program to
disinfect escalator handrails at both O'Hare
and Midway Airports. "Adcalator boxes sit
atop the revolving handrails of moving stairways
and use ultraviolet radiation "to destroy airborne
bacteria, viruses and mold spores" as the belt
passes through the device"

Over the years, the only thing I thought needed
disinfecting were pay phones. However, you can't
find very many of those around anymore.

However, one of the coolest things in any airport
are the toilets at O'Hare. Every time you flush,
a new attached plastic seat cover replaces the
one just used. These have been around since 1993,
but they sure beat the paper Butt Gaskets that you
find at some places. The negative...they cost
$96,000 per month to install. The self-sanitizing
escalators however are free. The Korean company
that makes them trade their services for advertising

With all these sanitizing gizmos in place, we're
not doing ourselves as a society any favors. In
the short term, we're catching a few less bacterium,
but in the long run, the bacteria and viruses will
only get stronger. The final scene from "Twelve
Monkeys" comes to mind...a virus is on it's way
to destinations all around the world to wipe out
humanity...and of all places, it takes place in
an airport.

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