Monday, September 11, 2006


Yesterday I talked about "enoying" the Humidity.
Well, today it is downright miserable. Everyone
here seems to be somewhat used to it, but since
I've been living in a desert of some sort for the
past five years, I really don't know how they do
it here. The people that sell water to households
must do a thriving business, because even though I
just took a shower, I feel I could use one again.
I know this isn't the jungle, or even Florida,
but 80% is a lot more than is tolerable.

My sister has told me she hates the weather here
because it's miserably hot in the summer and
bone-chilling cold in the winter months. They
used to live in Phoenix and found the summers
a lot more tolerable. Now that's pretty bad.

Yesterday I found out I was about an hour ahead
of a big storm that came through the area north
of Elk City. There was even a funnel cloud spotted
and hail. If nothing else, this state has great
weather people. If there were minor league and
major league "weathermen" in this country, Oklahoma
would be the New York Yankees and everyone else the
Toledo Mud Hens. They take it very seriously and
constantly run radar maps and storm alerts. Most
houses have tornado cellars in their back yards too.

Nevertheless, this is all a bit of a change for me
as I'm used to 300 days a year of sunshine, eight
inches of rain and 30% humidity being downright
balmy, I might get used to it by the time I leave...
or not.


Anonymous said...

So sorry about the humidity. It is gorgeous here. Tug's skin and coat are improving by the hour. I am glad you like the weathermen there. I guess you weren't kidding when you said the news personalities here were mediocre. They are way more than that. Among other things, extremely annoying. Bottom of the barrel is right, they are horrid. Yucky! Everything else is great aside from the 30mph limit in the whole town and peeps get mad when you travel at that speed. More than one giant pick up sped (is that a word?) angrily past me on North today.

Anonymous said...

Junctionites complain about the traffic congestion (yeah right, try driving I-25 in rush hour) and then they do everything they can to make it worse (e.g. lowering speed limits, taking out lanes so that they can plant some trees in the middle of the frickin' road). Insanity.

Lori Murray said...

zHave a great time on your drive. I've never driven across the US. I need to take a couple of months off some winter and go exploring.