Friday, September 15, 2006

University of Oklahoma

After saying goodbye to Nancy, Greg and Josh,
I got a good early start and hit the road.
I had a really nice visit and I'm looking
forward to the next time, although it may
be awhile due to our schedule for being on
the Ice. Josh probably won't be in Altus the
next time I visit since he's joining the
Air Force as an officer and will more than
likely be either a navigator or a back seat
man on a fighter jet.

My first stop of the day was the University
of Oklahoma in Norman. My Nephew, Matt, is a
senior at OU and Josh just recently graduated
from the school. Matt is a member of Phi
Delta Theta and I met him at the House. I
didn't get any photos of Matt's room, but
the fraternity uses it as one of it's "models"
of how rooms are supposed to look like to show
to prospective pledges. Needless to say, it's
a lot neater than how I kept my room in college.
We went to a good Mexican restaurant in the
Campus Corner area and then we took a long
walk around the campus. I was pretty impressed.
It's a very pretty campus and has lots of open
space. It reminded me some of Purdue, where
I went. Several times we ran into people that
Matt knew. No small feat since there are over
30,000 students enrolled.

We checked out the Student Union, the Library
The school of Music, the Football Stadium and
generally got a good feel for the campus as a
whole. There seems to be a lot to do in Norman
and there are lots of museums and chances
to soak up some culture. After we drove around
a bit, including taking a look at the west side
of town I was on my way north. Matt seems to be
doing really well and it was really good to see

Driving through Oklahoma City didn't pose and
any problems and neither did the rest of the
state. However, the tolls in Oklahoma are
ridiculous. I paid about $10.00 just to get
from Chickasaw to the Missouri line. The roads
are good, but it definitely puts a hurt on the
wallet. On a positive note, I saw gas today
for as low at $2.09 a gallon and it promises to
go down even lower. Hopefully it will while I'm
sleeping tonight...ha ha. As for sleeping, I had
planned on stopping in Springfield, MO but there
was some kind of bubba-fest going on and between
that and the Branson crowd, all the hotels looked
full, so I kept driving to Rolla. Nancy and Greg
stay here a lot on their way to Indiana and it
worked out good for me too. Tomorrow, the rest
of the drive. On to Indiana.

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