Friday, October 13, 2006

Lord of the Flies

As I've written here for the past several days,
and some of you are aware of, I am in a new department
this year. ATO (Antarctic Terminal Operations) After
spending the last five years in Station Services, this
is like a breath of fresh air. Don't get me wrong,
Station Services is a good group. It has some fun
times and gets along ok but let me tell you...ATO
is tight! I've never seen such a cohesive group.
Immediately you are given the feeling that you are
in a special club and that all the other departments
on station are just ordinary. You are in ATO and
ATO rocks! Even in my preseason expectations review,
my supervisor told me how special ATO was and not in
any kind of condescending way. I hear that Fuels is
also a pretty tight group. One day, I expect to go
into work and see the remnants of a rumble between
ATO and Fuels, or maybe even Supply and a small
feeble GA named Piggy will be on a spit over an
open fire. All of the Shuttle Drivers will be
beating on drums and the Cargo Handlers will
be wearing fur loincloths and be carrying spears.
Of course, the Air Services Reps are the brains
of the operation and chiefs of the island. Ha Ha.
Pardon me while I put on my war paint.


Anonymous said...

Are you Lord of the Flies or lord of the toilet. What's with today's photo?

Unknown said...

LOL...The toilet is just one of many odd photos that for some reason float around this place.