Saturday, October 14, 2006


Yesterday I received my popcorn training. Now, before you
go writing your Representative in Congress to complain
about how your government tax money is being spent, (trust'll sleep better not knowing what your government
is doing) this wasn't any "official" training and definitely
isn't part of my job. There is a popcorn machine in our
building, however and everyone should know how to use it.
Great pains are taken to make sure that the popcorn isn't
burnt. Our department manager is very in-tune with this.
(Who can blame trucks had to come a couple of
weeks ago when it set off the smoke detector) I'm really
not sure when these popcorn makers made it down here.
I'd have to assume they're leftovers from the Navy days.
I've been told that the Heavy Shop (ie. B-143, VMF, place
where they fix large trucks, building with many names)
has the best popcorn in town and that it's always full.
Not so with our popcorn machine. That actually is a good
thing I think. I remember having a conversation with my
Dad before I left this year. I told him I was looking
forward to my new job, but didn't look forward to smelling
popcorn all day. So far so long as everybody's
trained and it doesn't burn. That will also make our
manager (and the fire department) happy.

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