Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lots of Training

I started my new job today. The first new job I've
had in 5 years here at McMurdo. I'm going to be an
Air Services Representative (ASR) in the ATO department.
ATO stands for Antarctic Terminal Operations. We coordinate
the movement of passengers and cargo to and from the station
as well as at McMurdo itself. I'm working with a great
group of people and the season should be a lot of fun. I
found out today that I will be on the "night" shift the first
half of the season, until late December and then will switch
to "days" shortly after Christmas.
The next few weeks will entail a lot of training. I feel like
I have volumes of information being loaded into my head, but
most of it is sticking. This morning I learned lots about
what we do on a daily basis and this afternoon I took a class
teaching us how to use PTS (the computer software we use to
monitor flight passengers) Tomorrow we have our first Bag Drag.
This is when people departing McMurdo bring all of their luggage
to us to be loaded onto the plane. Only a couple dozen people
are leaving on tomorrow's flight so it shouldn't be too busy.
Just educational. I also take vehicle training tomorrow.
So my first day is all wrapped up. Lots more training and
learning, but I'm sure I'll be learning all season long.

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck! Missing you guys!