Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sunday At The Coffee House

Today is Sunday. I'm getting used to the fact again
that it's anywhere from 16 to 19 hours ahead of the
Continental US. Down here though it's easier to figure
that it's 4 to 7 hours ahead of us here (Then subtract a
day) Yes, it's really confusing to us too. So...Sunday
is a perfect day to spend hanging out at the Coffee House.
The Coffee House is one of three "bars" at McMurdo. The
Coffee House though is the mellowist and not really a bar.
It serves coffee drinks of course, but also wine. It used
to be an officer's club when the Navy was here and consists
of a couple of quonset huts attached together. It's got
a great wood pannelled interior that is really cozy.

Our friend Amy, is bartending today and she and her husband,
Stefan, are fun to hang out with. The Coffee House also has
a few LAN lines that you can hook your computer us to and
surf the internet and check your email. I discovered that
the connection is also fast enough to download podcasts
that I listen to so I won't feel quite as out of touch with
the outside world over the next few months. So despite
being a five hour flight from the closest coffee house in
the real world, the McMurdo Coffee House offers a bit of
civilization here at the bottom of the world.

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