Thursday, October 19, 2006


Midrats (n.) As defined by the Dictionary of Antarctic Slang
Midrats is short for "midnight rations", the meal served
between 00:00 and 01:00 during WinFly and Mainbody.

As a night worker, I am a recipient of the little-known
fourth meal of the day at McMurdo. To gain "admission"
to midrats, you have to have a midrats card. Surprisingly,
they have someone standing near the blue trays to make
sure you are indeed a card holder. I'm not sure who would
want to go eat in the galley at midnight if they didn't
have to, but Saturday night drunks come to mind. Midrats
meals can be mysterious at times. Funny looking stews
and strange looking casseroles appear more often than not.
They can also be very good at times too and they also
have the sandwich option where you can make your own
sandwich. I miss this about the day time galley hours.
During the winter, the sandwich bar is open 24/7. I
guess they feel it's too messy and unorganized to
let people make their own sandwiches in the summer. The
lack of people in the galley eating midrats also reminds
me of winter. No throngs of people. Just a few co-workers
and friends, sitting around tables enjoying their meal and
some good conversation. Just don't forget your card.
They won't let you eat without it. Sometimes that might
be a good thing.

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