Monday, November 06, 2006

An Apple a Day

My co-worker, Maria went out for a hike the other
day to Castle Rock and snapped some photos of an
Apple. Ok, even in Antarctica, an apple is not
hard to find...especially this time of year.
However, this kind of Apple is different from the
kind you eat. This one was made in Tasmania and
is made of fiberglass. It's an Apple survival hut
used as a warm-up or emergency shelter.

Three of these huts exist near McMurdo and are
used to help hikers or those in distress find
shelter from the elements. Inside is survival
gear, some snacks, and in the summer months, a
telephone. They can supposedly survive winds
upwards of 300 kph because of their aerodynamic
shape. I've heard that there's a green Apple
near the former site of Silver City, which was
a trailer that didn't survive the big blow here
in 2004. Not just for polar climates, you can
actually buy one from the company that makes them.
Just visit their website at Igloo Satellite Cabins.

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Anonymous said...

Found out yesterday that I will be wintering. I will be one of the 14 people in Supply.