Sunday, November 05, 2006

Peace and Quiet

Something I've noticed this summer is just how noisy
it is here. I think I'm really in tune with it for
one main reason. I'm used to wintering. Yes, there,
I said it. Winter is much more peaceful and there are
too darn many people here. Inside B-155 there is a
constant buzz of chatter. Outside there is a definite
humm of generators. When I am trying to sleep during the
day, all I can hear is the beep beep beep of loaders
backing up. Or the really really loud thumpa thumpa
thumpa of helicopters. Why do helicopters have to sit
on their helo-pad for so long before taking off. Do
they need that much warming up? I read another blog
from a McMurdoite today that said how quiet it was out
at Cape Evans, where they were on a boondoggle. All
well and fine, but at 14 miles from town, not exactly
easy to get to. I have discovered however that you can
not only get out of town for quiet, you can also go up.
Yes, up. Above town. Not in one of the noisy helicopters,
but up OB Hill. You can even be lazy like I was the other
day and only go halfway up to the Supply warehouses for
peace and quiet. McMurdo even looks peaceful from above.
If only it were that peaceful in reality.

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