Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cosmic Bowling

This morning, I was invited by my co-workers to
go Cosmic Bowling. Cosmic Bowling is just like
any other bowling, except it's done under black
lights with glowing pins and balls. If you're
wearing light colored clothes, they also glow.
I should back up a bit though and correct myself.
Any kind of bowling at McMurdo isn't like bowling
anywhere else. The two bowling lanes were built
long ago by the Navy when they operated McMurdo.
They still have manual pin-setting machines which
of course need pin-setters to operate them.
Bowling company, AMF wanted to remove the lanes
and put them in a museum a few years ago but the
NSF said no since they wouldn't pay for someone to
be here to operate the new equipment. As a result,
we have a very unique situation. To begin with,
even having a bowling alley in Antarctica
is amazing enough. However, the lanes are very
warped and it takes real skill to get it to go
where you want it to go. They say that if you
are a good bowler off the Ice, you will be a bad
bowler here...and vice versa. Well, today I led
our team with a 102. Not bad considering I haven't
bowled in almost two years. I once got a 191 and
was the "Bowler of the Week". I'm not so sure that's
an honor I'm proud of or not.

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