Monday, November 20, 2006

Elbow Room

My supervisor is working on a project for the
MAAG (McMurdo Alternative Art Gallery). It's
an alternative art fair/exhibit that takes place
every January and can take the form of almost
any medium of art imaginable. Her project (I'm
not sure what the final form will take) involves
having people construct their map or impression
of McMurdo's Galley. Oh sorry..."Dining Facility".
I believe I am truly a Winter-Over and no matter
how many times I summer in the future, I will be
bothered by the hordes and masses that fill the
galley at any given meal time. It's unnerving and
at times, unbearable. If I have an extreme lack
of timing and need to eat my meal at the same time
as 90% of the rest of the station, I take it to-go.
So when Sheri asked me to construct my impression
of the Galley, I jumped at the chance. That's me,
the small circle in the upper right hand corner.
The huddling masses yearning to take away my freedom
of breath are everywhere else. And I'm not really
exaggerating. :(

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's very cool, Tom. I can't take crowds myself and your drawing really makes me feel claustrophobic.