Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How to Wash a Van

In most of the western world, we take little
things like washing our vehicle for granted.
Here, it's not so easy. For example, this week
there were some National Science Foundation (NSF)
Distinguished Visitors (DV's) here from Washington
D.C. I'm not sure what made them more distinguished
than you and me, but they were distinguished none-
theless. Anyway, as a result of being distinguished,
it was deemed that they should ride around town in
clean, shiney vans. Somehow it fell on the night
Shuttles staff to complete the task of making them
clean. I'm used to pulling the hose out or just
taking my vehicle down to the local car wash and
off comes the mud. Here it has to be done by
hand. Andrea and Michael spent about 2 hours on
each van washing them by hand. By hand I mean
with damp rags. No running water. They weren't
that impressive looking until you compared them
with the vans that hadn't been washed. What a
difference scrubbing with a rag can make.

When picking up the DV's, one of them actually
noticed how clean the van was. He asked how
well it worked to hose the vehicles off here.
When told by Andrea that they washed them by hand,
he was shocked and amazed. If the DV's learned
nothing else during their fact-finding trip, they
learned how hard the Shuttle Drivers work.

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