Sunday, November 19, 2006

Other People's Penguins

I am extremely jealous. More penguins have been
sighted just outside of McMurdo and yet again, I
have not seen them. Oh, I've seen penguins in
Antarctica. In 2002, I saw them at the Cape Royds
rookery. However it was 1000 feet in the air from
a helicopter. In 2003, I saw them next to the
Coast Guard icebreaker from the deck of the oil
tanker...from 100 yards away. Lynn even saw a
little Adelie Penguin in 2004 as it wandered it's
way through a dark McMurdo landscape, undoubtedly
lost. These six emperor penguins were at the Ice
Runway a couple of days ago. The Firefighters had
to actually shoo them off the runway because a plane
was approaching. We don't usually get Emperor
Penguins this close to town. Sometimes we get
Adelies and usually one or two at a time. One of
those was even spotted near town last week. I wish
I could say I took this great photo...but I didn't.
Another lucky person here took it and I am envious.
Maybe I will be able to take my own great photo of
nearby penguins soon.

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