Saturday, November 25, 2006

Salad Surprise

During the Summer season, we receive Freshies
(fresh fruits and vegetables) on a semi-regular
basis and for the most part, they are shipped
in from New Zealand. Once in a while, some
innocent bystanders come along for the ride.
My co-worker Susie found this little aphid
in her salad the other night at dinner and
along with two others that were found in nearby
salads, a small zoo was formed. David from
Shuttles gathered all three up in a pill bottle
and was going to try to keep them alive. I'm
not sure how successful he was. It's funny that
things that would cause people to send their salads
back in most of the western world, are an object
of fascination here in a land without insects and
pets in general. To turn three little aphids
into pets is a totally Antarctican thing to do.

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