Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The End is Neigh

Once the holidays are over, people start
getting the feeling that the summer season is
rushing by uncontrollably and that the last
plane of the season will soon be leaving. The
same feeling takes place during the winter when
the Fourth of July passes and people have this
shocked look on their faces that the season will
be ending soon. Today my supervisor put the
Redeployment meeting schedules on the ATO television
scroll letting everyone know when they should attend.
The Redeployment meetings hopefully answer everyone's
questions about what they should expect when leaving
the Ice. The first meeting is on January 5th and
presentations will be made by Finance, Passenger
Services (My group), Housing and Human Resources.
All the questions should be answered such as what
travel arrangements need to be met, what needs to
be done to clean your room, what to do about COBRA
insurance, how to file for unemployment, etc.
Fairly dry stuff, but essential nonetheless.

I've been asked to present the Passenger Services
segment at one of the meetings so I'm looking forward
to that. I had to present the Housing Segment for four
straight years, so the 200+ people at each meeting
shouldn't be too intimidating. Plus, I get to talk
about travel, and almost everyone enjoys that.


Lori Murray said...

Aren't you glad you won't have to go check their rooms and tell them they were pigs and have to go back and clean it again!

Tom said...

Oh yes...I am very glad about that!