Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Oden

The Icebreaker Oden is now only about 25
miles away, at the Ice edge near Cape Royds.
The Oden is operated by the Swedish Maritime
Administration and will be here for the next
few weeks and in cooperation with the US
Icebreaker, Polar Sea, they'll keep the channel
open for both the Supply ship and the Fuel ship.
My supervisor went to the Oden last night via
helicopter to take the luggage of the Grantees
on the breaker to the C-17 that will be taking
them to Christchruch today. Not your ordinary
task. Eric, the RPSC station manager told Lynn
and I the other day over brunch that he's trying
to arrange tours on the Oden sometime over the
next few weeks for members of the community. We
took a tour of the Polar Star icebreaker a few
years ago so it would be nice to see the difference
between the two ships.

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