Saturday, December 30, 2006


Every summer, the New Year's weekend brings
McMurdo's version of a music festval called
Icestock. Local groups that have been practicing
for weeks get together to perform their stuff on
stage in a large outdoor concert. Along with this,
people act a little crazy, eat good chile from the
Chili Cook Off that conicides with the concert and
generally have a good time. Our friends Sara and
Sheri were in a band called A Guy, A Girl, Another
Guy and Another Girl (or something like that...not
sure). Sara was the lead singer and she has a great
voice. Sheri did really well on the drums and
overall I think they were the best band of the day.

My friend Maria performed later in the day with a
Blues Harmonica group and they played one song.
It was a great song though and she was the only
woman in the group. She heads a blues performing
group in Winter Park, Colorado where she lives when
she's not here.

Several times during the day, a large Chinese
Dragon-like beast came through the crowd with the
face of Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street.
Nevertheless it wasn't scary like a "real" Chinese
Dragon but made everyone laugh instead. The second
time it came around it kept bumping into me. I couldn't
figure out why I was being followed by the dragon until
later my friend Paul told me that he was the head of the
dragon and was giving me a hard time. So now I can say
I've been chased by a Chinese Dragon...or by Oscar the
Grouch. I'm not sure which of those would make me sound

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Lori Murray said...

It looks like you had a good time. Thanks for posting some pictures. -42 here this morning. I'm ready for winter to be over :-)