Friday, December 22, 2006

Push Class

Yesterday I spent a half day at Push Class.
at the Science Support Center (SSC). Push
Class is the refresher class for those who
have been to the Outdoor Survival Class
(Happy Camper) but don't need to do it again.
In the class we discussed hypothermia and
frostbite, helicopter safety, VHF Radio
operation, tent construction and how to use
a camping stove. It's the same class that
we've been taking for several years now and
I actually don't find it that useful since I
never really get to go into the field anyway,
but you have to take it if you're wintering
over and if you want a chance at a boondoggle.
We did get to talk to the South Pole via the
radio so that was pretty cool though. I'm
sure it will be pretty similar when I take it
again next year.

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