Saturday, December 23, 2006

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

Because of all the weird differences in schedule
and time zones, we are celebrating Christmas today
with the annual big Christmas Dinner in the Galley.
We'll be having Lobster and Roast Duck. Coming
from a traditional midwestern family, this is a
far cry from the usual Turkey or Ham that most
midwesterners have on this all-important
"feast day". Of course we started out the day
by watching "A Christmas Story". If you would
ask many Americans what movie they most associate
with Christmas, this would definitely make the
Top 5. The television network TNT, even shows
it 12 straight times on Christmas day for a 24
hour marathon. Christmas comes again, Ralphie
doesn't shoot his eye out and his dad yet again
has a large blue bowling ball dropped in his lap.
I remember when I was about 12 I was shooting at
small sparrows on top of my grandparent's barn
(yes, now I know that was a bad thing to do) and
a BB came back and hit me right between the eyes.
Of course, I never told my parents of this (I guess
I am now) and I survived, but every time I watch
this movie I think of that time, 29 years ago.
However today I'll be eating "Chinese Turkey" and
lobster, maybe pretending it is turkey and ham.
I will always remember the Christmas Eve dinners
at my grandparent's house, eating Big Dumpling
and Oyster stew and the carnage that was always
there after all the presents were opened on
Christmas Day. So tomorrow I spend my second
Christmas Day in Antarctica. 9000 miles from home
and hearth, I will have my memories of Christmas's
Past to keep me warm. And I'll try not to shoot my
eye out

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Michelle said...


You have nailed Christmas right on the head for me. I too miss the Oyster stew on Christmas Eve and the traditional movie. They did show it last year here but they haven't shown anything worth watching this Christmas.

Enjoy your Chinese Christmas!