Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A River Runs Through It

Although most folks don't associate Antarctica with
running water, we have more than our fair share of
it these days. Several weeks ago I wrote about how
McMudhole...I mean McMurdo, had become a land of muck
and wet dirt. Now things are drying up a little.
Well, not really. Fleet Ops has done a good job of
channeling the water into small, but manageable raging
torrents. One of these runs by Building 140 where both
Lynn and I work. A foot deep trench has been dug into
the side of the road and I almost expect to see fly
fishermen lining it's banks any day now. To cross it
you literally have to make a leap of faith. Because
McMurdo is built on the side of a large hill, when
gravity takes over, the water picks up speed. When all
of these small ditches converge near the road to the
Ice Pier, it creates a flume most Colorado River rafters
would back away from. I have to say that most of the
year here I miss seeing and hearing running water. This
time of year is about the only time you can hear anything
in town besides the wind, helicopters and the beep beep
beep of things backing up. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.


Rhea said...

I just found your blog, how cool (literally). I knew someone who spent some time at that station. Could you do me a favor and click over to my blog so I can see your part of the world light up on my world map of readers? That would be really nice.

Tom said...

Hi Rhea...Thanks for reading my blog. I've visited your blog but I'm afraid Antarctica won't show up on your map. Unfortunately the server that runs our computers down here is based in Centennial Colorado..a suburb of Denver. Sigh...sorry about that.