Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Boondoggle...To Willy Field?

After several years of no boondoggles and what
I thought was "The Dry Valley Curse", I got the
big email yesterday...The South Pole. I'd been
chosen to go to the South Pole on a Day Trip.
The combination of 40 months on Ice and working
for ATO were key ingredients that put me on a
"Sleigh Ride". This morning I got up, put on
what seemed like 25 extra pounds of ECW gear and
hopped on the Terra Bus for Willy Field, where I
would get on a LC-130 for a three hour flight
there, three hours at the Pole and three hours
back. However, by the time we got to Scott Base,
it was getting really foggy. Some low-pressure
system was going through the area making it like
pea-soup. When we got to Willy Field, we were
told to hang tight in the runway galley for two
hours until they released the next weather report.
Another group of folks headed for WAIS Divide
joined us and soon there were 25 people hanging
out, waiting for the fog to lift. ten hundred
came and went and the fog was still there, so
we were sent back to McMurdo. Our flight had
been cancelled. It was so bad that all flights
were cancelled and the exact same lineup will
take off tomorrow...hopefully. In the meantime,
I hadn't been to Willy before so that was kind
of neat. All this time and I'd never been there.
I'd always flown in or out of Pegasus and the
Ice Runway. So my "boondoggle" to Willy Field
was over and I went back to work. Tomorrow, I
try to fly south...again.


Anonymous said...

congrats on gettting a boondoggle, to bad it was just Willy Field. I am wishing you better weather today!!!

Jude said...

Wow. I hope this one works out for you. So close, and yet so far....