Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pier Pressure

A problem arose in the vicinity of the Ice Pier
today. The old Ice Pier (Marked in Red) had been
settled on the end of the new Ice Pier (Marked in
Green) for several years now. Yesterday, the old
pier broke off from it's connection (Marked in Yellow)
on Hut Point and drifted into the lane used by the
vessels to dock at the Ice Pier. This posed a serious
problem since all of the ships need to dock in order
to do their job. This includes the Cargo Vessel and
Fuel Tanker which are on their way.

Thank goodness the Oden is still here. It's leaving
in a few days and to be honest, I'm not sure if the
Polar Sea could have done the job. The Oden worked
all afternoon trying various methods to move the old
pier, including tying a cable to it to tow it away.
That didn't work and apparently they decided to break
it up into small pieces that could be pushed around
easier and eventually pushed into the Turning Basin.

This evening, the Oden had pretty much completed
it's task and the old pier was broken up and ready
to drift out into the channel, away from harming
the newer Ice Pier. A pretty monumental task
considering all this ice was ten feet thick or so
in places. The Oden's a powerful ship with a very
thick hull. That power was definitely needed today.

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Chief said...

How much bigger and more powerful is the Oden than the Polar Star?