Friday, January 12, 2007

Geography Bee

The long-awaited Geography Bee was tonight,
and unfortunately, I didn't win. Everyone was
there for fun, but some competitors were tougher
than others. About 40 people were playing and
I answered my question in the first round easily.
The second round brought about half as many people
into the round due to missed questions and my
question was much tougher. Question: Name one of
the two regions of Iraq? My Answer: Kurdistan.
I was right, the crowd seemed impressed and onto
the third round I went...only 9 people left. My
Question: Name the country with the lowest
population density? My Answer: Western Sahara.
To my surprise, I was told it was wrong. Although
it is recognized by 44 other nations, and the
African Union, "The game" didn't consider it a
country. I was bummed because I knew I was right,
but that's ok...I did my best. I ended up finishing
seventh and knew all of the answers after I was
eliminated. I guess 7th best geographer out of
almost 1000 people isn't too bad. It's just a
matter of getting the right questions asked at
the right time I suppose. Lynn and my friends
Susie, Dave and Shawn were there to root me on
and for at least two questions I felt like the
king of McMurdo geography!


Benjamin said...

That's just not right. I am going to crown you "King of McMurdo Geography" and if anyone would like to discuss some sort of discrepancy with me, I would be more than willing to beat the living tar out of them. All hail, King Tom!

tshsmom said...

So what was the "correct" answer to your question?

Tom said...

lol...Thanks Ben! As for the "correct" answer, it's Mongolia