Saturday, January 20, 2007

It's All About the Dogs

Last week Lynn and I went to a fantastic slide
presentation by our friends Sara and Dave. A
couple of years ago they and 11 dogs paralleled
the Brooks Range in Alaska in the middle of winter
via dog sled. Over six weeks and 700 miles with
temperatures as low as -60F. With only a few
stops in very small towns to resupply, it was
just Sara, Dave...and the dogs. Pretty amazing
stuff. Dave had quite a bit of experience in
handling sled dogs and both are quite outdoorsy,
but it was a huge adventure, not knowing what was
around each corner. For those that think it was
easy, just sitting or standing on the sled while
the dogs pulled...ha...couldn't be farther from the
truth. The dogs essentially pulled the sled which
held all of their gear while either Dave or Sara
walked behind and the other walked ahead of the
team in snowshoes, breaking trail. Then, at the end
of the day, it was 3-4 hours of feeding the dogs,
setting up camp, chopping wood and then falling into
a heap. For any of my relatives or friends reading have no desire or plans to do this.
I don't have the stamina, ability or just plain will
to do it. But Sara and Dave did, and they got an
incredible experience out of it.

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Lori Murray said...

I'm with you. I'd rather hear about it then try it. Taking care of all those dogs is a bit too much :-)