Monday, January 22, 2007

The I-65 Super Bowl

I grew up just an hour south of Chicago and
two hours north of Indianapolis. My parents
and most of my family still live there. As
of today though, some of the people of Northwest
Indiana are torn between loyalties. Loyalties
to their city...Chicago, and loyalties to their
state...Indiana. Today, the Indianapolis Colts
won the AFC title and the Chicago Bears won the
NFC title. They will meet soon in Super Bowl XLI.
Me? I'm a Bears fan. I've never known any
different. While Chicago Cubs and White Sox fans
can't ever get along, they agree when it comes to
the Bears. The last time the Bears went to the
Super Bowl, they pounded New England by a very
lopsided score. That was way back in 1986 and it
was the last time I watched an entire Super Bowl.
Although it will be on a Monday here instead of a
Sunday (the time difference) and I probably won't
get to watch it because of work. I hope the outcome
will be the same. I don't have any animosity
toward the Colts. It's not like they're the
Packers or Vikings. They're just not my team.
I'm a Bears Fan!


Benjamin said...

Anything you need in Christchurch? Be there in a couple days.

Benjamin said...

By there, I mean McMurdo. In Christchurch right now.

Tom said...

Hey Ben,

Lynn wants a big bottle of Rose's Lime Juice

Benjamin said...

I will see what I can do. Cloudy and rainy here today. Busker festival is fun.