Wednesday, February 07, 2007

As Quickly As It Started...

It's over. Offload for 2007 is complete.
What's left is another difficult part. Putting
everything away and counting it to make sure it's
all there. There are a lot more filled milvans
and triwalls (large storage boxes) sitting around
station that weren't there before but over the
next few months, these will be dealt with. In
the meantime, milvans full of retro items as well
EVERY bit of trash we produced in the past year is
being loaded back onto the ship. It will be taken
back to the States to be sold and placed in a land-
fill or recycled. Since we have 20 or so different
categories of recycling and some of it can be sold
at a hefty price, it makes a few bucks for the
program while at the same time helping the environment.
The vessel should be leaving on the 11th.

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