Friday, February 09, 2007

The Flight Lunch Conspiracy

Today was our first really big flight of passengers
leaving the Ice. Almost 140 total. All seemed to
be going well until we heard over the radio that
the six military DV's (Distinguished Visitors)
didn't get their flight lunches. Over the past couple
of flights, lunches have gone missing and we didn't
know why. A flight lunch is nothing special (See
photo above) so why would anyone want to be taking
an extra lunch. We suspected the Kiwis from Scott
Base. They seemed to be the obvious culprits.
However, it could never be proven. And why would
they take American flight lunches. They received
their own lunches from Scott Base that seemed much
more suited to their Kiwi tastes. So when it was
discovered that we were short, Bear, the airfield
manager, went on the plane hunting for missing
flight lunches. Our suspicions were proven correct
as one Kiwi fessed up. No one else did and Bear was
forced to go to the "Smurf Shack" and rustle up some
sandwich fixins' for the Admirals and Generals that
didn't get their food. In the meantime, an important
person in the office said "This is costing us 8000
f***ing bucks an hour to make sandwiches".
Apparently this is what it costs the Antarctic program
to "rent" a C-17 from the Air Force. After the dust had
settled, memos were sent, big wigs were fed, international
relations between the United States and New Zealand
were maintained and Bear watched the plane take off,
while holding a loaf of bread in one hand and a jar of
mustard in the other. It was indeed a good day to dine!

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